February 19, 2020 | #FliptheScript, Videos

Flip the Script – Rigor *Video*

by Staff

We are just going to own it. Students and families will find classical Christian education rigorous. It pushes against the comfort zones of the average urban family in Philadelphia. We think that is a good thing, but let’s back up a bit.

There are several familiar education “boxes” so it makes sense to try to fit classical Christian education into one of them – except that PCS doesn’t fit into any of them. Let’s unpack those “boxes.”

  1. Prospective PCS parents relay stories of small Christian schools which have a narrow vision for academics but are heavy on Bible verses, rules, and control. Engaging with worldly thinkers or secular texts is forbidden.
  2. There are schools which give a secular, compartmentalized education but tack Jesus on the end and call it Christian education. There is no integration of thought, faith, and life which is essential in true formation.
  3. There are private schools which tout rigor as a means to gain elite status. They retain a nod to Jesus in their historical foundation, but the real cultivation is driving towards worldly success and monetary gain as a core goal.
  4. There are also schools which take pride in being “rigorous” in the way a body-builder might be rigorous – lifting extremely heavy loads to tout outsized muscles. School work is full of hours of homework and burdensome projects. The more grimaces the better.

PCS doesn’t fit into ANY of these boxes. It’s time to flip the script!

How is PCS rigorous? Check out the video to see how we define this word.