February 8, 2021 | Good Soil

New Theme: Good Soil (1)

by Katharine Savage

Welcome back, friends! This blog took a brief Covid-induced hiatus (like everything else in life, right?), but we are ready again to highlight exciting aspects of classical Christian education. Previously, we took a theme called “Flip the Script” and we will still continue to write around that idea, but we wanted to add another theme as well: Good SoilLast time I wrote on the blog, I acknowledged that forming and growing children is a difficult and messy process. We can’t completely control the outcome, but we can commit to raising our students in “good soil.” Those parents who have chosen PCS are not naive city dwellers. They know that the quality and components of the soil drastically affect the health and growth of their little “plant.”

Likewise, the Good Soil report is the name for an official Cardus study that was conducted through Notre Dame University. It compares high school graduates from public, independent, Christian, Catholic, and classical Christian schools over a period of twenty years. It gives us some great data to ponder. Over the next few months, different PCS staff will highlight aspects of the data through storytelling. We hope to share a window into what happens at PCS and how those results become possible. Stay tuned. . .