Philadelphia District Provided Transportation

If you plan to use the School District of Philadelphia bus service or want to request a weekly Septa Student TransPass, please fill out the Google form at the link below by June 7, 2023.

Please note Kindergarten children are not permitted to ride the Philadelphia School District buses or receive a Septa TransPass.

Bus Eligibility

Student must be in grades 1-6; live more than 1.5 miles from school (mileage is determined by district however if you are unsure use a map app to determine your mileage) and within Philadelphia’s city limits. The bus routes will be created by the School District. Their guidelines for the route are that individual stops may be as far as .4 miles from your home and the first and last child may ride the bus for a maximum of 2 hours. Parents will be informed of assigned stops and times in late August before school starts.

Weekly Septa Student TransPass Eligibility

Student must be in grades 1-9; live more than 1.5 miles from school and within Philadelphia’s city limits.

At this time, the district’s office of transportation will not guarantee bus service for all students. We will not know until late August which students will receive bus service. Those who are not assigned to a bus route (but are eligible for transportation services) will be given a weekly Septa Student TransPass. Please note, once your student is assigned to a bus s/he is no longer eligible for a Septa TransPass for that school year. Therefore, if you are assigned to a bus route but choose not to use it you may not exchange it later for a TransPass. It is important to choose your primary preference for transportation.

On the form you may request a different address (other than your home address) for bus pick-up and/or drop-off, however it must be a reasonable distance from your home address. The School District does not guarantee that alternative addresses will be accommodated.

Transportation Form